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IT Security Services

Protecting your data and systems is a priority especially in this world of hackers and viruses. Our expertise enables us to recommend and install the ideal Firewall and latest anti-virus software to suit your system and your needs. We can also provide you with control over your employees' Internet access.

It is astonishing how many companies can have their IT system easily exploited by an amateur hacker. It is often the case that the equipment and software is in place to prevent this but it hasn't been installed correctly in the first place. PC Docs can rectify this situation before an amateur hacker has some fun and deletes all your files.

Our estimates show that over 65% of businesses have a virus present on their network in one form or other. This is often down to ad-hoc anti-virus solutions that haven't been set up properly to update them selves and scan the PC on a daily basis. With most employees having access to the internet and email it is a must that the correct anti-virus solution is implemented before all data is lost. PC Docs can help your company to never have to fall victim to this. We aim to be proactive, meaning that we can know about a virus on your systems even before you are aware of it. We can then make sure that it's removed before any damage can be done.

Back-up solutions are an area that is often not appreciated until documents that have been accumulated over a number of years disappear. We can provide an automated system that is low cost and reliable.

Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Adware, Anti-Spam and Firewall Solutions

PC Docs can provide a range of solutions to ensure your network remains secure. These can be entry level software solutions to high end hardware based enterprise solutions. Depending on your needs, we will have an answer for you.

On-Site and Off-Site Backup

Back up is one of the most critical part of any network, we ensure your data is protected at all times. We recommend a hybrid solution of local and off site back up to keep your data secure. On-site for restoring data quickly, and also recovering older versions of files, and Off-site for recovery in the event of theft or fire.

Disaster Recovery

PC Docs has a number of tools available to us to help you in the event data is lost or corrupted. This can include repair of the hard disk using replacement PC Boards, replacement spindles or replacement heads. Or we use specialised software to recover from the hard disk, which can include deleted files.